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December 9-21, 2018

Center for the Theater of the Oppressed

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Training at CTO not only impacted my work with youth but how I navigate and see the world. It pushed me to think deeper about structural powers and my role and power in challenging them.”     

 – Veline Mojarro, CTO Training 2015 & 2016. Veline is a Chicana Angelino artist who’s returned to CTO time and time again to strengthen her work as an art educator in LAUSD public schools.



Theater of the Oppressed (T.O.) is a theater methodology created by Augusto Boal that equips and empowers people to transform society through art. CTO Rio (Center for Theater of the Oppressed in Rio de Janeiro), was founded by Augusto Boal himself in 1986. CTORio is one of the homes of T.O. and is at the forefront of continuing social justice work through theater. Every December, CTORio holds a T.O. training specifically for English-speakers. The 2-week program includes an in-depth introduction to the methodology and rigorous facilitation training guided by veteran CTO jokers. The end goal of the program is for participants to be able to incorporate T.O. into their ongoing work back home as teachers, activists, artists and community organizers.

“Throughout the T.O. courses at CTO, I felt that I was at the source/the heart of Boal’s work with Theater of the Oppressed, from learning the techniques in a precise and clear way and exchanging ideas with human beings whose work combats oppression, to experiencing Forum Theater in communities created and facilitated by incredible young people active in this movement.”     

 – Hanna Jacobsen, CTO Training 2015. Hanna is a California-born dancer & educator whose training at CTO Rio in 2015 continues to be utilized in her cross-cultural work in Brazil and the US.


Early Bird Price: $1,600 — REGISTER BY AUG 6, 2018

Regular Price: $2,000 — REGISTER BY NOV 5, 2018
(Tuition includes workshops, housing AND daily breakfast)

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Payments made via TransferWise to CTO (contact for instructions)
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“The workshops at CTO Rio showed me how oppression goes beyond words– it’s engrained in the movements of our bodies, in the rhythms we reproduce, in the images we project. Even if we don’t live in the same country or speak the same language, we can find commonality and create bonds of solidarity through artistic expression. CTO connects people from all over the world!”     

– Laura Rose Brylowski, CTO International Resident 2015-2016. Laura Rose is a US-born academic-activist who was a long-term International Resident at CTO Rio and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Ethnic & Racial Relations in Rio de Janeiro.

Program Faculty

The program will be taught by Geo Britto with a special guest lecture each by Julian Boal and Barbara Santos.

Barbara Santos

Geo Brito

Julian Boal

Geo Brito is a long-time member of Center for Theater of the Oppressed, Rio de Janeiro having joined the team in 1990. He is currently the Artistic Director of the School for Popular Theater (Escola de Teatro Popular — ETP). He has coordinated and participated in a myriad of T.O. projects in favelas (slums), prisons, mental health institutions, schools, universities and cultural centers: T.O. in Maré (2013-2016), T.O. in Mental Health (2005-2010), Cultural Center “Ponto de Cultura” (2005-2008), and T.O. in Prisons (2003-2007). He has led lectures, workshops and performances in Palestine, Bolivia, Mozambique, Egypt, India, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Germany, UK, Canada and the U.S. Britto holds a Master’s in Contemporary Arts Studies from Universidade Federal Fluminense.

Julian Boal has led T.O. workshops in over 25 countries and helped in the realization of T.O. festivals & conferences in India, Croatia, Spain, France and Brazil. He published the book “Images of Popular Theater” and has participated in groups such as Ambaata, GTO-Paris, and Féminisme Enjeux. He holds a PhD and is founder and pedagogical coordinator of the School for Popular Theater (Escola de Teatro Popular– ETP).

Barbara Santos is Artistic Director of KURINGA, a Theater of the Oppressed center in Berlin, and of T.O.gether Project & International Theatre Company made up of organizations from 7 different European nations. She is also the Artistic Director of the International Ma(g)dalena Network (Rede Magdalena Internacional), made up of world-wide feminist groups. In Brazil, Santos collaborates with Center for Theater of the Oppressed as the Editor of the journal METAXIS. She has 28 rich years of experience with the methodology, having practiced it in over 40 countries. She is the author of THEATER OF THE OPPRESSED, Roots & Wings: A Theory of the Praxis, released in 2016, available in Portuguese & Spanish.

Daily Schedule

Schedule subject to change.

Dec 9 — Introduction to CTO + Opening Workshop

Dec 10-12 — Aesthetics of the Oppressed Workshop

Dec 13 — Lecture + Meeting with Rio-based community T.O. groups

Dec 14-15 — Forum Theater Workshop (Days 1-2)

Dec 16 — Day Off

Dec 17-18 — Forum Theater Workshop (Days 3-4)

Dec 19 — Lecture + Meeting with Rio-based community T.O. groups

Dec 20-21 — Participants Lead Workshops + Closing

Travel Tips

If you are not a Brazilian citizen or a citizen of one of the countries in the Mercosul coalition (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay), you’ll need to obtain a tourist visa to travel to Brazil. You may do so by making an appointment at the nearest Brazilian Consulate — in the United States there are consulates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Hartford CT, Atlanta, Houston, and Norfolk VA. If you live outside of the US, you can find Brazilian consulates in virtually every capital city and most major cities. We recommend making an appointment as soon as possible as it can take weeks and sometimes months for a visa to be issued.

We also recommend you book your flight well ahead of time, as prices can hike up fast. In order to participate in Day 1 of the program on Dec. 9th, your flight must arrive on or before Dec 8th. Your housing will be provided by CTO for the period of Dec 8th-22nd (you will be responsible for housing prior and after this period if you plan on staying in Brazil longer than the duration of the program).

Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions.

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